Ken Coburn Hon.Treasurer

Ken Coburn

Ken joined the Royal Airforce as an aircraft apprentice in 1958 at the age of 15.  He reached the rank of chief technician as an airman and was then commissioned in 1971 (engineer officer).  His engineer officer postings include RAF Wittering (Junior Engineer Office, Harrier), Harrier Command Engineering Development and Investigation Team (Germany), RAF Marham (Senior Engineer Officer, Tornado), RAF Leuchars (Office Commanding Engineering Wing, Phantom), MoD Liaison Office (USA) and MoD Procurement Executive (London).  He left the RAF in 1993, as group captain, after 34 years service. On leaving the service, he Initially, set up his own business, KC Consulting Services - Defence Procurement and Marketing and then he worked for DERA at Farnborough (which became Dstl) as an applied research manager on stealth programs for 10 years before retiring in 2006.  He has two grown-up offspring, Jayne and Phillip and three grandchildren (all boys).  His main interests are Rotary, fixing computers and golf.