Put the elderly and vulnerable people first

Please remember that Bonfire night can be a frightening time for elderly and vulnerable people due to the associated loud noises, so we’re asking people to take extra care when hosting parties and setting off fireworks, please read our advice below:

• If you are hosting a bonfire party please inform any elderly neighbours of your plans and the times you are planning on setting fireworks off.

• Check on your elderly relatives/neighbours and offer to keep them company.

• Don’t leave someone with Dementia alone. If they want to have a look at the fireworks help them to the door/window.

• Use distraction by turning the TV volume up or put a film on.

• Use ear defenders to help to block out the noise.

• Close curtains earlier than normal to block out the flashes from the fireworks.

• If you are a carer for a vulnerable person, check where the local firework displays are and times. This will help you to prepare the person who needs reassurance for the noise, lights, crowds of people and smells.