Look after your animals during fireworks

Pets have hearing ability far in excess of that of humans. The “bang” you hear when a firework is set off is experienced seven times louder by your pet.  Remember a dog can hear a grasshopper eat, so imagine the fear an animal feels when a firecracker explodes.

* Keep dogs and cats inside when fireworks are being let off.

* Make sure your dog is walked earlier in the day before the fireworks start.

* Close all windows and doors and block off cat flaps to stop pets escaping and to keep noise to a minimum.

* Draw the curtains, and if the animals are used to the sounds of TV or radio, switch them on. (but not too loudly)

* Small pets, e.g. rabbits, hamsters, mice and birds, are the most vulnerable to fireworks.  

* If you are aware that horses, ponies or cattle are housed nearby, ensure you let the owners know, in advance that you intend to set off fireworks.