Celebrating 150 Years Alresford Avenue

New Alresford Town Trust have finished a major renovation project on The Avenue in Alresford.

The Avenue was given to the town by the Bishop of Winchester 150 years ago, and there are well over 100 trees on the northern side, some of them close to that age. It is part of an 18th century turnpike, or toll road, between Winchester and Alton.

The Avenue is, a calm and peaceful place for locals and visitors to walk or to sit in the shade of the trees on one of the benches provided. It also provides a rather grand western entranceway to the town.

A lot of effort has gone into sustaining the heritage of The Avenue and locals want to continue the legacy of the lovely gateway to the town.

Trustee Mr Keith Divall said: “We have spent £20,000 working on the trees including replacing some because of disease, but we have replaced them all with the same species. We are grateful to the town council, all of our sponsors and, of course, the people of Alresford for their support of the Town Trust.

“This year is the 150th anniversary of the gift of The Avenue to the town, and we want it to be in great condition for the celebrations on October 20th..” Enjoy the fun!