The Rotary Club of Alresford has teamed up with Drive B4U Turn 17 to offer young people the chance to learn how to become a safe driver. Learn more and take a trial lesson on privately owned roads in a dual controlled car with a qualified instructor. Saturday 7th June saw the launch of the Rotary Young Drivers’ Awareness scheme in the Goods Shed, Station Approach with Alresford Rotary leading the way and wholeheartedly supported by Drive B4 U Turn 17 and the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service who provided the ‘crash car’. The Rotary club has previously trialled the scheme with some of the older Perin’s students at Barton Stacey off road facility and on the school site, whereas this event was driven by the wish to send our message and our potentially life­saving approach to young drivers into the wider community. Despite the appalling mid ­ morning weather some 30 youngsters and parents attended our presentation of a scheme which was initially developed in the Melbourne area, following a series of fatal accidents involving young drivers, and which we are adapting to local circumstances and the availability of off road locations. In brief, what Rotary and the driving school are offering is the opportunity for young persons to acquire a number of driving experiences and opportunities in a controlled off road environment before they are of legal driving age and without the pressure of an impending DVLA examination. Those youngsters who attended the event will receive a ‘special offer’ lesson from Jon Reynolds and his team as well as a further subsidy from Alresford Rotary towards their costs, whilst others who expressed an interest but were unable to attend will receive the same benefits at a later date. Should you require further information please see the Alresford Rotary website http://alresfordrotary.co.uk/ or http://www.driveb4uturn17.co.uk/ourteam.php Jon McKenzie and Colin Pope   ROTARY CLUB OF ALRESFORD