Message from Emma Henshaw in Bangladesh.

  I am currently 3 weeks into my placement with VSO Bangladesh and thought I’d send an update on my journey. After the Alresford  Rotary Club's generous donation to my fundraising I managed to raise a total of £1450, £600 more than my £800 target. There were some visa complications following this which meant that my trip was postponed by a month which is why I am only three weeks into my trip instead of 7 . So far my journey has been very successful. I have been surveying the local community in Rampal to get a stronger understanding in three different topics - local governance, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Livelihoods. We are working closely with four different youth clubs and I feel positive we can make a real difference, by getting them connected to the local government and training those who want work in their respective trades. I am still keen on coming and doing a speech to the Rotary Club and will let you know when I am able to do so as the project was delayed in starting. Once again I’d like to thank the Rotary Club for their donation. Having seen first-hand the work VSO is doing in Bangladesh I am confident the money is going to the place it’s needed the most. [Emma is in turquoise at the right hand side of the rear]